Rittenhouse Family updates to the Family Tree need to be sent to the Guest Book  selection on this web page as an email.  They will be transferred to the Family Tree on this web site and for the directory by Pat George. 

Phone numbers sent will be put into the printed directory but kept off the web site.  At your request the same can be done for the email addresses.

Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic the 2020 Reunion has been canceled.

Details of the 2021 Reunion will be shared in December 2020.
Brianne and Matt Washko 
Hi -
I am Helen Ware Trotter - Great Granddaughter of Franklin and Leila Rittenhouse (1B2B)

Our family lives in Ankeny, Iowa.  This is my first year on a planning committee for the Rittenhouse Reunion and about the 20th reunion I've been to.  I hope to see you all on August 1, 2020.
Trudy Byrne
Trudy Byrne
Trudy Byrne
Email cbyrnez@route24.net
Phone (309) 242-8864
Message on FACEBOOK best way to contact

If you have special meal needs for the reunion, please let Trudy know.
Pat and Bill George with Gina 2018
Pat and Bill George with Gina 2018
Hello -
I am Pat Rittenhouse George (1B2).  Bill and I live in Ankeny, Iowa.  I am Franklin Stuart & Vivian Rittenhouse's second child.

2018 was the first year we shortened the reunion to 1 day.  Some of our many families met as a smaller group on either the day before or after the Saturday event.  For instance, Vivian (Vicki) and Stuart Rittenhouses grandchildren had an FSR Cousins reunion in Wonder Lake, Illinois on Friday.  They then came to Pontiac in time to join the reunion activities.

The 2020 Rittenhouse Reunion was rescheduled to 2021 in April 2020 due to the corona virus pandemic.  Plans for a 2021 Reunion will be shared at a later date.  It will be in Pontiac, Illinois.

I have been working on the newest Maymie and Edward Rittenhouse Family Directory and will share it with family members by Christmas 2020.  You will see this Family Tree portion of this web page updated continually as I work on it.

Please call, text or email me with corrections and additions.  It is wonderful to be part of a family that has stayed connected for so many generations!

~Pat Rittenhouse George

April 2020