August 1, 2021
6 months and 16 days left
until our celebration.

We are Descendants of

Edward Franklin & Mary Elizabeth Griswold


The descendants of Edward Franklin & Maymie [nee Mary Elizabeth Griswold] Rittenhouse meet every other year.  Our next reunion will be in 2021 in Pontiac, Illinois. 
It was necessary to reschedule the 2020 Reunion because of all the disreuptions caused by the corona virus pandemic in Spring 2020. 

Edward and Maymie had 10 children who were raised in Pontiac, Illinois and the surrounding area.  

Their oldest son, Franklin Tracy Rittenhouse married Leila Byrne, the sister of Ira Byrne.  Ira married Franklin's sister Vera Ruth Rittenhouse. Thus Franklin and Vera's offspring are "double cousins".

Photos on this page are from various reunions from 1950 - present.
1984 Reunion
1984 Reunion
Stuart- Vicki- Eric - Joe - Barb - Ben
Stuart- Vicki- Eric - Joe - Barb - Ben
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